Dynamic topics in RTD

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Dynamic topics in RTD
Jeff Chappo

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I looked at the description of an RTD service in the documentation, this describes a small VB RTD server. It looks like that the topics are statically defined as properties, and it did not seem to indicate what code was responsible for performing the update of the Topic value. I???m looking to build an RTD server in C++. Is there any documentation that gives me blow by blow information on building out an RTD service in C++.

In my project I need to create the Topics dynamically ( thousands of them ) and they will change at run time, how do I flesh this out within the framework of Add-In Express ?

This quote is from a previous post. I am looking for a similar solution, only in C#. I have looked at the source code for ADXRTDServerModule, and the only way I can think of how to do this is modify the code for ConnectData.

If this is the only solution, could you explain what I would need to do to rebuild the RTD .dlls for use in ADX.NET
Posted 21 Sep, 2006 11:59:41 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Jeff.

To define a dynamic property for the topic you need to use the '*' symbol. It means that you can pass any value to an appropriate parameter.
Then you can use the sender parameter of the RefreshData event handler to obtain the active topic.
string parameters = (sender as AddinExpress.RTD.ADXRTDTopic).Text;

To identify the topic use the Text property of the ADXRTDTopic component that stores all actual parameters.
Posted 21 Sep, 2006 17:30:23 Top