Working with microsoft project

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Working with microsoft project
any example which shows how to work withlinked tasks, start and end date 
Andrew R

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HI All

I want to use Add-IN express to work with existing tasks in a (Microsoft project) project.

I have read the tutorial, which was really good - but I am still missing a couple of crucial samples

1 ) How do you set the start and end date for a task?
2 ) How do you get/set whether a task is inactive
3 ) How do you access predecessors information to connect or disconnect two tasks?

any small sample would be great (I searched the entire forum, and the CHM file, but I couldnt find these answers)

Posted 27 Sep, 2016 17:35:15 Top
Andrei Smolin

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Hello Andrew,

The best way to get this info is to record a VBA macro while performing the corresponding actions in the UI of MS Project. Turn the Developer tab on; see Then click the Record Macro on that tab. While the Macro Recorder is run, create a task, set its properties as required and save it. Then stop the recorder and click the Visual Basic button to open the VBA IDE. Study the VBA macro to learn the objects/members involved in the process and use these objects/members in the code of your add-in.

Regards from Belarus (GMT+3),

Andrei Smolin
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Posted 28 Sep, 2016 02:05:50 Top