Word add-in causes Word 2016 stopped working

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Word add-in causes Word 2016 stopped working
Pancham Kumar

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I have a word add-in that was developed with add-in express 7.5 and visual studio 2013, and then upgraded to the add-in express 8.2 so that it can support WORD 2016. It is successfully upgraded and works fine in word 2010, but when I try to run it in word 2016,(especially when I try to open a particular document which triggers one of my add-in functionality like opening a popup and creating a new instance of task pane and populating it with some data. Another popup opens saying "Word stopped working" and after sometime it says "Word has stopped working click the below button to close the program". However If I open just word application and select blank document and then try to perform some of my add-in feature, it works totally fine.

After some google search, specifically from Microsoft forum I got an solution which guided me to upgrade my add-in to the latest version, I created a setup project with a new version but with no resolution. I still get the same error.

Any idea what could be the possible reason?

Thanks for any help

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