Outlook 2007 Inspector level customization

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Outlook 2007 Inspector level customization
Minhaj Khan

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I compiled a simple outlook add-in that seems to work fine in outlook 2003 but fails to do so in outlook 2007 :(

Actually I had an ADXForm that is intended to be appended and displayed at the bottom for contacts at inspector level. Although add-ins collection shows that the add-in is installed and activated. Further more the same add-in also works at explorer level for contacts both in outlook 2003/7.

So my questions goes as

1. If an add-in works at explorer levels both in 2003/7, what is wrong with that works fine in 2003 but fails to display in 2007 version? Note: I had even followed videos to double check and satisfy my doubts.

2. I noticed that there is no webviewpane layout for inspector windows, is there any plans to incorporate so in future releases? Currently as it is not available, how can I dock/size the form to cover and occupy entire space of the container inspector window hiding/etc the built-in form?

3. Regarding office 2007 UI customization features, when can they be available for registered users and how can I participate in the beta test programs for add-in-express, if any?


Posted 19 Sep, 2006 05:08:43 Top
Fedor Shihantsov


ADX Extensions does not support Outlook 2007. We plan to release ADX.X.NET.OL 2.0 by the end of November. This version will support Outlook 2007 completely.

We will consider creating a custom inspector window after this version release. As for now, you cannot size the afxOlForm to occupy entire space of the Inspector window.

Beta testing. Thank you for the proposal. Please send me a private e-mail (using the link at the message left) for me to remember.
Posted 19 Sep, 2006 07:41:12 Top

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How is the Outlook2007 support coming along? I have many customers wanting to know since Office is officallyu released to the Universal subscribers now.

Posted 17 Nov, 2006 06:33:07 Top
Fedor Shihantsov



The new version with Outlook 2007 support will arrive in 2-3 weeks
Posted 17 Nov, 2006 10:43:09 Top