ADX Loader Error Outlook 2003

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ADX Loader Error Outlook 2003
Outlook 2003 Addin will not load 
Scott Sommerfeldt

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Joined: 2006-09-18
First of all here are my versions.
Outlook 2003 SP2
Add-in Express version 2.7
Visual Studio 2005

I've developed many Outlook Addins on my development box.
But now something strange is happening.
I cannot get a particular Add-in to load anymore

The error I get is
ADX Loader Error
The Loader is trying to run the following assembly:
'ASI Outlook FeaturePack, Version= 3.1.2441.20165, Culture=neutral, PublicToken=3a69696a42272e34'.
The operation fails with HRESULT = -2146234304'.

Any Ideas?

Is there a way to un-regiester all Add-in Express Outlook Add-ins at the same time?

I suspect there is an issue with it trying to Load an old assembly version because it gives me the same error even if I change the Properties of the Project to not sign the Assembly.

any assistance is appreciated.


Scott Sommerfeldt

Posted 18 Sep, 2006 18:15:06 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Scott.

The problem can be in the name of the add-in assembly or in the strong name (.snk file) that you use to sign the add-in.
The fact is that if you change the name or .snk file, you should also change the adxloader.dll.manifest file (see here: Please check it.
To unregister add-ins you need to use the 'Unregister ADX Project' option in VS. Or you can remove the add-in registration manually in the system registry.
Note: you should sign the add-in assembly with a strong name if you use the adxloader.

Posted 19 Sep, 2006 07:31:28 Top