Double events with 2.7

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Double events with 2.7
Getting double events with 2.7 
Frank Leahy

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Joined: 2006-08-11
I've upgraded to Add-in-Express 2.7 for use with my Outlook plugin (VB.NET), and my code is getting double events. Click on an explorer or inspector button and the "AdxExplorerButton_Click" gets called twice. Open an inspector window and get two "adxOutlookEvents_NewInspector" events get fired.

Is this a bug in 2.7?

-- Frank Leahy
Posted 11 Aug, 2006 01:02:51 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Frank.

Most likely your add-in was registered twice.
Please check the system registry:


Posted 11 Aug, 2006 19:29:59 Top