Problems with 2.7 putting icons on clipboard when pasting into Outlook

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Problems with 2.7 putting icons on clipboard when pasting into Outlook
Matt Driver


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I have a major show stopper with my addin which I cannot resolve:

.Net 1.1 Support Apps Outlook 2003 SP2, word set as " Use Microsoft Office Word 2003 to edit e-mail message" in options.

To reproduce:

Run Outlook, enable clipboard view > edit > Offlice Clipboard
Copy some text out of a webpage
Create new e-mail
click paste
and all my toolbar icons suddenly appear on clipboard viewer and Outlook generates a stack overflow.

I seem to remember a similar issue with an issue with very old build. Is it a bug or something I am doing. I do not call or use the clipboard in my code. odd thing is I have just rebuild project and now its not happening but it was happening all morning !

I realise you are on hols but I am supposed to be going live in sept so need this resolving if it is a bug asap.


Posted 10 Aug, 2006 07:41:49 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Matt.

I didn't manage to reproduce the issue (I will try it again).
However this is the normal situation when you see the images in the 'Office Clipboard' pane.
The fact is that Office buttons doesn't support the IPictureDisp interface if Word is used as an editor in Outlook 2003.
So we use the PasteFace method of the ICommandBarButton interface. This method uses the clipboard to put images on buttons in Office applications.
Posted 11 Aug, 2006 18:27:20 Top