Bug In OL2007?

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Bug In OL2007?
Martin Mizzell


Can anyone else duplicate this error? It seems as though the Inspector_Close() event is not firing.
Posted 04 Aug, 2006 14:22:37 Top
Matt Driver


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If I am correct ADX does not support Office 2007 as it currently stands. from the website:

"Generation 2007 of Add-in Express .NET will be started in Q4 2006, will be released in Q4 2006 and will include:

Support of Microsoft Office 2007 including the the Ribbon UI."

Posted 04 Aug, 2006 14:37:21 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Martin.

You are right, the event doesn't work. Now I am working on this issue.
Posted 04 Aug, 2006 18:38:26 Top