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RTD server
Alex .

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I was able to create simple RTD server (C#) using the example prvided in the docs. But it seem like it only works with excel polling for data every second or 2. Where are the methods to notify excel of data change? How do i change default polling on excel side, Basically i want something like this.... Excel should not poll RTD unless it is notified of new data or n ammount of time passed since the last poll. Am i missing something here?


--- Update ---

Looks like default polling interval is controlled by this.Interval in RTDServerModule .. does this.UpdateTopics() forces refresh in excel?
Posted 28 Jul, 2006 16:08:28 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Alex.

Yes, you can use the UpdateTopics method to force Excel to update all topics. Also please look at the following example:
It shows on how you can control the RTD Server via a COM Add-in.
Posted 28 Jul, 2006 20:29:01 Top