ActivationUri? Is it possible?

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ActivationUri? Is it possible?
Trying to get the query parameters from a ClickOnce install of an add in express plugin 
Jens Schneider

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We are attempting to get the query parameters passed to the URL of our ClickOnce Add-in Express download and install. We have successfully used Mage to add the trustURLParameters="true" to the .application install file and update and resign our ClickOnce installer.

The Add in installs fine. However using this code:

        private void SetQueryStringParameters()
            if (ApplicationDeployment.IsNetworkDeployed)
                MessageBox.Show("After is network deployed");
                if (ApplicationDeployment.CurrentDeployment.ActivationUri != null)
                    string queryString = ApplicationDeployment.CurrentDeployment.ActivationUri.Query;

IsNetworkDeployed is false. However, If I use the AddInModule.IsNetworkDeployed() that returns true?

What am I missing? Is there an ApplicationDeployment object associated with Add In Express that I don't have access to?

Note, I was not running from the debugger. This was installed from our ClickOnce installer.

Posted 22 Oct, 2014 15:48:05 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Jens,

In fact, ClickOnce doesn't support deploying COM Add-ins at all. To make it working with COM add-ins we added some features to Add-in Express. So the ApplicationDeployment class doesn't work correctly from COM add-ins. Please use AddInModule.IsNetworkDeployed instead.
Posted 23 Oct, 2014 05:01:12 Top