Shim failing on "COM Extract at Build"

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Shim failing on "COM Extract at Build"
Todd Carlson

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I've been working with the InstallShield guys attempting to figure out why the error "Please set registry key HKLM\software\Microsoft\.NETFramework\Installroot to point to the .NET Framework install location" is generated from an IS project when it is attempting to add the .DLL from an ADX Shim project to the install.

The problem appears to be centered on the shim's call to pLoader->RegisterADXProject(FrameworkVersion(), AssemblyName(), ClassName(), TRUE).

To reproduce:
1) Create an ADX addin (in my case C#)
2) Add an InstallShield project (in my case IS 12)
3) Add the primary output from the Addin and the Shim
4) In the components view set the shim to "COM Extract at Build"
5) build.

Any thoughts on why this is happening and any ideas on how to get around the problem?

Posted 28 Jul, 2006 09:44:32 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Todd.

We have published a new ADX version today. Now you can use the ADX loader instead of the C++ shim. Please create a new ADX project with the setup in VS to learn what files and custom actions you need for the setup now.
Meanwhile, I will develop an example for the InstallShield and will publish it on our forum.
Posted 28 Jul, 2006 19:48:36 Top