Add-in shim not being created

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Add-in shim not being created
Christopher Rath

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Joined: 2006-07-27
I have installed the Express versions of C++, VB, and C#. I also purchased and installed "Visual Basic .NET 2005 EXPRESS" (specifically, adxnet-v260-b1760-dev-vbe.msi). When I create a new project based upon the ADX COM Add-In template in VB 2005 Express, the "Create a Visual C++ COM add-in shim" option is grayed out, and no shim is created in the project; which means that I can't easily create an add-in for Excel (which is why I purchased "Visual Basic .NET 2005 EXPRES" today).

What am I doing wrong?

My goal is to create an MS Excel Add-In.
Posted 27 Jul, 2006 22:32:27 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Christopher.

The fact is that 'Add-in Express .NET for Visual Basic Express' doesn't support the C++ shim. The shim is only available in the VS 2005 Profissional, Standard and Enterprise Architect editions.
Today we have published a new ADX version (v2.7.1762). It contains a special loader for the COM Add-in, RTD and SmartTag projects.
You can use the loader instead of the C++ shim.
Posted 28 Jul, 2006 19:32:32 Top