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XP Visual Styles
Frank Perugini


I have built an Outlook Add-in with ADX using VS2005. I have some Forms that use the TabControl. When I run the add-in, I noticed that the Tab Control does not use XP Visual Theme.

So I added a call to EnableVisualStyles(), see below.

public AddinModule()

Now the TabControl shows the correct XP Style look, but all my ListView controls do not show icons anymore.

I made a simple Windows application, and this behaviour does not happen. Can anyone tell me what might be happening?

Posted 27 Jul, 2006 14:19:52 Top
Frank Perugini


Now it appears to work!

I am going to try it on another computer.

Posted 27 Jul, 2006 16:21:06 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Frank.

Does the issue still exist? How did you solve it?
Posted 28 Jul, 2006 19:19:33 Top