More than one subpane on ADX Outlook Extensions?

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More than one subpane on ADX Outlook Extensions?
Fearless Frog

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I am trying to place two subpanes around the main Explorer mailItem list using ADX Outlook Extensions.

What I am finding is that I can only show only one at a time, as in if I show one at the top (ExplorerLayout=ADXOlExplorerLayout.TopSubpane) then the other ADXOlFormsCollectionItem instance disappears from the right-hand display (ExplorerLayout=ADXOlExplorerLayout.RightSubpane) and vica versa.

It seems however I lay them out means that I can only show one at a time.

Is this a limitation of the ADX Forms Manager or a bug? If possible I'd like to show more than one at a time. Apologies if I've missed something.

Thanks for any help.
Posted 10 Jul, 2006 04:58:15 Top
Fedor Shihantsov



The current version allows only one subpane.
If you have several ADXOlFormsCollectionItems for a certain folder then the ADXOlFormsManager choose the first item that refers to this folder.
Posted 10 Jul, 2006 10:55:22 Top