How do I bind an explorer form to a certain folder

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How do I bind an explorer form to a certain folder
only works with item types, not folder name or folder names 
Ronald Bouras

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hi everybody,

i can´t manage to bind a ADXOlForm to a certain folder. it only works with the binding to item types, example:

i got a folder structure like "\\Mailbox - Ron\Contacts\Business\Companies"
it is also printed exactly this way into the direct window of outlook vba environment with the command "?ActiveExplorer.CurrentFolder.FolderPath"

but if I enter this path into the property Foldername of the adx outlook forms manager, my subpane will not appear for this folder.
same effect when entering it to the FolderNames property.

it only appears, if i use the property ExplorerItemType and activate it for Contacts; but then on the other hand my subpane appears in ALL contact folders, which is exactly, what i want to avoid.

what do i do wrong?

thanx for every hint on this, regards

Posted 07 Jul, 2006 08:22:13 Top
Fedor Shihantsov


Hello Ronald,

Please exclude first two simbols '\\'.
i.e. set the FolderName property at "Mailbox - Ron\Contacts\Business\Companies"
Posted 07 Jul, 2006 11:29:21 Top