[OT] Thank You Very Much

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[OT] Thank You Very Much
Sven Heitmann

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Good Morning,

We've got an email about the latest update/version of ADX and my workmate told me I shoul read this:
Special thanks
To all our customers that inspired us to add Smart Tags and RTD Servers. We are very grateful for your attention and cooperation.

Also we should specially thank Sven Heitmann and Matthew Driver for their good ideas and "hard persistence". Thank you! :)

That's really great... I can't stop smile :)
I'm proud to help you to improve your product!

Keep up you good work and your great support *thumbs up*

Special thanks to Eugene and Sergey who helped me a lot or fixed critical bugs in short time =)

Best regards
Sven =)

Best regards,

Sven Heitmann
Posted 18 Oct, 2004 03:22:41 Top
Eugene Starostin


Hi Sven,

Thank you for your good words.
Posted 18 Oct, 2004 09:47:37 Top