Obfuscating Add-in Express Project

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Obfuscating Add-in Express Project
Frank Perugini


We need to obfuscate our Add-in Express Outlook project before final release. We plan to use the Dotfuscator Community Edition that comes with VS2005.

What are the guidelines to using this tool with Add-in Express projects so that it will work properly?

Posted 29 Jun, 2006 15:52:27 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Frank.

You should only obfuscate the code of the add-in and leave namespaces, names of classes and methods without changes.
Also remember that in case of using a shim you should use delay signing for the add-in assembly. After the add-in assembly is built you can obfuscate it and re-sign using the 'sn.exe' tool.
Posted 30 Jun, 2006 08:28:12 Top