Outlook ADX Extensions - How much do I need to use/change?

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Outlook ADX Extensions - How much do I need to use/change?
David Ing

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Hi - The new ADX Extensions for Outlook look great, I've been looking for a while to be able to place .NET forms/usercontrols within the Outlook main shell.

My question is, I have a pretty well finished Outlook COM Add-in (C# with Shim) that doesn't use any Add-in Express products. How easy is it to be able just to use the ADX bits to do the window management for me, as in, will I have to rewrite a lot of my existing code just to be able to dock a window?

I have my own event/commandbar wrappers that work fine, and I was hoping that the ADX new bits would just be some extra code (that relies on the new ADX redist of course).

Some example code of a 'plain COM C# Addin' using the new ADX bits would be ideal and allow me to buy the new bits.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Posted 27 Jun, 2006 06:17:25 Top
Aleksey Zhigar


You cannot use the ADX Extensions for Outlook without Add-in Express.
The ADX Extensions for Outlook isn`t just some extra code. That`s why there are no such examples.
Posted 27 Jun, 2006 06:55:01 Top

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Yes, I know about the use of Add-in Express - that makes complete sense and I understood that.

I guess what I was asking for was the simplest possible example of the use of the ADX Extensions in a code snippet.

I didn't want to rewrite the rest of my existing Addin just because I wanted to use the new ADX Forms Manager component.

No problem, I'll keep looking. Thanks anyway.
Posted 27 Jun, 2006 07:09:04 Top
Andrei Smolin

Add-in Express team

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I've replied in the private message.
Posted 27 Jun, 2006 07:33:37 Top