OnSendMessage event in version 2.6

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OnSendMessage event in version 2.6
Esteban Astudillo



I noticed that in the "What's New" document of the latest version of ADX (2.6) it's said:

- Added The OnSendMessage event to the ADXAddinModule class

How do you compare this event with the ItemsSend event of the ADXOutlookAppEvents class? When would you use one or the other?

Posted 23 Jun, 2006 20:14:38 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Esteban.

This event has nothing to do with the ItemsSend event.
It is fired after the SendMessage method is called.
The SendMessage method can be used to perform some code in a separate thread (e.g. to show a form over an Outlook inspector window when Word is used as an editor).
Posted 26 Jun, 2006 10:10:11 Top