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Can you give a tutorial for making non-Visual Studio installers? 
Martin Mizzell



I do not want to use the Visual Studio installer. Can you give a tutorial for creating your own installer? I am going to be creating an Installshield Basic MSI project.

BTW - My adx project is strongly named and i am using the C++ shim project.


Posted 02 Jun, 2006 16:44:07 Top

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I'll be looking closely at the reply for this as I want to use a separate installation utility as well...

Posted 02 Jun, 2006 16:58:44 Top
Martin Mizzell


Hi Everybody,

It didnt take long to figure out how to make an Installshield installer after i dug around in the forums a little bit. I have created an Installshield template project for a Basic MSI installer to deploy an ADX Outlook project that uses the C++ shim and strong named assemblies. If anyone else feels as though they would benefit from it, send me a message and i will email it to you.

Best regards,

Martin Mizzell
Posted 03 Jun, 2006 20:25:30 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Martin.

Please download and try the following example:
Posted 05 Jun, 2006 09:17:20 Top