Outlook event information required

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Outlook event information required
New to Outlook and all its terms 

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OK - I've created an Outlook add-in with command bar and can react to the event of the button on it.

However, I find that trying to figure out how to do specific things requires me to load up a VS solution and read through the code. Pity there isn't a document to make things faster.

Can anyone help with pointing me in the right direction?
What I'm after is the following:

1. Identify when a new mail item arrives (I've got that one figured I think)
2. Read the contents of the email (I think I've got that one too)
3. Identify when anyone saves or deletes a new appointment, contact, task or note (I saw the sample which uses the OutlookItemEvents class but this isn't recommended for OL2000). How do I handle Notes/Memos?
4. Create a new email message and populate the body?
5. Must handle OL2000 for all of the above.
6. I have OL Security Manager so I can figure out when I need to use it (I'll look for the warning dialog box and call it when the event fires).

Sorry to pester you all. I'm going to go through the demo solutions today (hopefully something faster is out there)
Posted 02 Jun, 2006 11:17:17 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Peter.

ADX doesn't support Notes because the InspectorActivate and InspectorClose events don't work with notes items in Outlook.
You can use the OutlookItemEvents class in Outlook 2000 but it can hang after any of items events is called. Please test it on your PC.
To create a new message you can use the CreateItem or CreateItemFromTemplate methods of Outlook application.
As to the OSM component, please look at the COMAddin example from the OSM instalation package.
Posted 05 Jun, 2006 08:49:19 Top