How can I integrate a .Net user control in outlook?

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How can I integrate a .Net user control in outlook?
Max Mustermann

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I have an existing .Net UserControl (developed for embedding in Internet Explorer as ExplorerBar), containing some .Net controls (TreeView, ListView, ComboBox, and a few buttons). The functionality doesn't interact with IE (it is used to drag & drop text, urls etc. from the IE to the controls for further processing). That means, it could be a standalone application too, the embedding in IE makes it just more comfortable for the end user.
Now I want to integrate this user control in outlook, too (in order to comfortable drag & drop text from mails, attachments or whole mails to my controls). I don't need any interaction with outlook. All I need is the possibility to add my own user interface to the Outlook UI (for example, as a side bar)! Can I do this with Add-in-Express plus ADX Extensions for Outlook?

Thanks for any advice!
Posted 24 May, 2006 09:54:23 Top
Fedor Shihantsov


Hello Max,

Of course, you can integrate your control in Outlook.
You will place your control on ADXOlForm that is a special windows form that ADX Extensions shows in Îutlook.

No problems. But while drag-dropping mail(s) you will have to get access to email object through ActiveExplorer.Selection property. That means that you will have to interact with Outlook :D
Posted 24 May, 2006 11:43:46 Top