Programatically adding topics

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Programatically adding topics
Is there any way to programatically add topcis? 
Michael Noe

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I'd like to programatically add topics. In AddinExpress.RTD.IRtdServer.ConnectData, there is no way, that i can see, to add and handle topics at runtime. For instance, if i where trying to retrieve data for multiple bonds, and I have an excel statement such as =RTD("TestRTDServer",,"912810FP8", "Price") i'd like to have a new topic for another bond such as =RTD("TestRTDServer",,"912828D9", "Price"), without having to go to the design mode and add it. I see that there is no way to override the ConnectData method and that retVal = "Unrecognized"; for anything not added @ design time. I've tried several methods to programatically create a topic and add it to ADXTopicCollection.Topics without success. Is there a way to do this?

Posted 23 May, 2006 15:41:42 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Michael.

You just need to use '*' as a parameter in the StringN property. In this case you will able to pass any value in the parameter of the RTD function.
To detect what topic is refreshed you can use the sender parameter of the RefreshData event handler.
Posted 24 May, 2006 06:21:09 Top