Windows 8 Preview and Excel 2013 Preview ...

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Windows 8 Preview and Excel 2013 Preview ...
Dragon Fly

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I don't have a question this time but I'd like to let you guys know that my COM/XLL add-ins (written with Visual Studio 2010 and Add-In Express 6.5.3057.0) work fine under Windows 8 Preview (32 bit) and Excel 2013 Preview (32 bit). I just installed my add-ins and everything seemed to work correctly (based on limited testing). :^)
Posted 25 Jul, 2012 07:35:10 Top
Eugene Astafiev

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Hi Dragon,

Thank you for letting us know! ;-)

Nowadays we are preparing a new version of Add-in Express. You can read more about this on our technical blog: Support for Office 2013 and Visual Studio 2012 coming soon.

FYI Please note that you use an old build of Add-in Express 2010. You can download the latest build from our web site.
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Posted 25 Jul, 2012 08:01:51 Top