UseForRibbon property for MainMenu

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UseForRibbon property for MainMenu
UserForRibbon property or another way to hide my command bar and main menu at Outlook 2010 
Mikhail Belov

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Hello, I have to support Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 in one project. I found here that I can use UseForRibbon property to hide my command bar and show my ribbon tab instead of it at Outlook 2010.

However, I found that this property available only for ADXCommandBar. And what about ADXOlExplorerCommandBar? There is no that property for it. What is the difference between this components for Outlook add-in?

Also I need to do the same thing for main menu and again I have two components ADXMainMenu and ADXOlExplorerMainMenu, but I can't find the UseForRibbon property for non of them. Is it possible to prevent custom main menu from appearing at the "Add-Ins" ribbon tab at Outlook 2010?

And what components more suitable for me, ADX* or ADXOlExplorer*?

Posted 28 Jun, 2012 03:07:16 Top
Eugene Astafiev

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Hi Mikhail,

Of course, all command bar components provides the UseForRibbon property. But only some of them allow to set the UseForRibbon property at design time in the Properties window of Visual Studio. You just need to set this property in the code (for example, in the AddinInitialize event handler) depending on the Office version.

Please take a look at the Command bars in the Ribbon UI section in the online documentation for more information on this.
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