3 Excel Add-ins loaded for COM+XLL+RTD add-in

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3 Excel Add-ins loaded for COM+XLL+RTD add-in

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Our add-in is a combination of COM add-in (ADXAddinModule), XLL addin (ADXXLLModule) and RTD add-in (ADXRTDServerModule).
If I open an empty Excel file, one that doesn't have any RTD formulas in it, I can see in my file > options > add-ins menu that both the COM and Excel add-ins are loaded.
However, and I'm not sure as I can't remember if I've ever noticed it before, if I subscribe to an RTD formula and look at my file > options > add-ins again I see the COM add-in along with 2 Excel add-ins, all from the same loader; the "new" add-in has some GUID for its description (though it's not any of my GUIDs in any of my add-ins).
Is this the normal behaviour of a tri-add-in? loading all 3 modules as separate add-ins when applicable?
I also noticed that when there are no more RTD formulas in the workbook, that 3rd add-in is unloaded and i'm left with only those two others.
Just curious.
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Andrei Smolin

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I've reproduced the issue in Excel 2010 SP1 32bit. I suppose this relates only to the way Excel displays add-ins in that list: the "new" add-in isn't listed in the Excel Add-ins dialog nor in the Application.Addins2 collection.

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Andrei Smolin
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