Find doesn't work in Outlook when addin is installed

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Find doesn't work in Outlook when addin is installed
Michael McMahon

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Hi there,

I'm having an issue with our office addin which has been implemented in VS2003 for Office 2003 (Outlook / Excel / Word).

A client has noticed something strange with our addin. The find functionality in Outlook stops working when our addin is installed. This means that you can't use the find tool in any view, mail / inbox, contacts, calendar, etc... Advanced Find still works.

To Explain what I mean by "stops working"... when you try and type something into the Find box the letter(s) you type are not enterred into the box and the cursor will not remain in the find box. The focus keeps going back to the items in the main view window.

We have hooked into the Save As (i.e. Ctrl S and F12) events in Word but this is the only thing I can think of that might be remotely related to the Outlook Find function not working. We don't try to hook into the Outlook Find command in our application.

Basically what our addin does is with 1 command bar and 1 button to the explorer and inspector windows to allow users to save emails to our document management system. If anyone wants to have a look at the code me a message and I can email it to you.

Has anyone else seen anything like this with their addins?

Thanks in advance,

Michael McMahon

P.s. the .NET framework version we are using is v1.1.4322
Posted 17 May, 2006 02:34:04 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Michael.

Yes, please send me the code. I will try to fix it.
Posted 17 May, 2006 07:45:12 Top
kedar v

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dear Sergey and Michael,
I have tried out this in my project but i was not able to hook the save as button.
What i was trying to do is when ever user presses "Save As" button, instead of default windows "Save As"-dialog box Another Form will open.
As you have done this I'd like to request you the code and least i aspect is some material from where you learn this or some sample code. Give me the Idea Atleast so that my work can go ahead.
Please Reply ... your reply will be really v.v.important to me.(need not to say)
-Kedar Vaijanapurkar
Posted 03 Aug, 2006 06:21:00 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Kedar.

Do you want to connect to the "Save As" button of the Outlook explorer window or the inspector one?
Posted 03 Aug, 2006 15:11:34 Top
Michael McMahon

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Hi Kedar,

What we have done with our addin is hook into the Microsoft Word Save / Save As functions. In doing this we have hooked into the toolbar buttons and the shortcuts that word provides for performing saves / save as (i.e. Ctrl-S, F12, etc...).

To hook into the buttons on the menu I declared two objects like this:

Private WithEvents objSaveBtn As Microsoft.Office.Core.CommandBarButton
Private WithEvents objSaveAsBtn As Microsoft.Office.Core.CommandBarButton

You can then implement the click event of those buttons to do whatever you need done. You will probably find that you need to play around with the CancelDefault boolean parameter of the click event as this controls whether word should cancel it's own save or not.

With the Ctrl S and F12 shortcuts we added controls to the command bar object and se them to be hidden. See this screenshot:

User added an image

If you want to download the code for our addin you can do that here:

Best of luck,

Posted 03 Aug, 2006 23:00:04 Top