RTD Setup/Install Exception

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RTD Setup/Install Exception
Getting an exception when running the setup project 
Paul Algreen

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Joined: 2006-04-19
I am getting an error from the setup.msi that is produced by the RTD setup project. I've followed all the steps in the readme but am still having issues. Any idea what could be causing the following exception?

One more issue:

The installer is erroring when I try to run the built installer:

Any suggestions?

Detailed technical information follows:
Date and Time: 4/19/2006 2:38:11 PM
Machine Name: PAULA
IP Address:
Current User: AVM\paula

Application Domain: DefaultDomain
Assembly Codebase: file:///C:/Program Files/AVM/RTD Server/AddinExpress.Install.dll
Assembly Full Name: AddinExpress.Install, Version=2.4.1757.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
Assembly Version: 2.4.1757.0
Assembly Build Date: 3/30/2006 5:25:50 PM

Exception Source: AddinExpress.Install
Exception Type: System.ApplicationException
Exception Message: An error occurred during the add-in registration process.
Exception Target Site: InstallAddin

---- Stack Trace ----
AddinExpress.Install.ADXProjectInstaller.InstallAddin(addinFullName As String, adxAssemblyName As String, check As String, gac As String, regasm As String)
AddinExpress.Install.dll: N 00245 (0xF5) JIT


Posted 19 Apr, 2006 16:07:31 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Paul.

Did you change the dll name of the RTD server project ?
I have also replied you by email. Please check your inbox.
Posted 20 Apr, 2006 07:15:58 Top
Paul Algreen

Posts: 2
Joined: 2006-04-19
I did change the RTDServerModule class name (and progId) and it appears that I neglected to change the szClassName in the Shim config.cpp file as well. As soon as I changed that, it solved the problem!

Thanks for the help!

Posted 20 Apr, 2006 10:41:11 Top