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New User praise for ADX and the Support team 
Chris Boothman

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Joined: 2006-04-16
:D As a new user of ADX I would like to express my appreciation on many fronts :D

Firstly, congratulations on developing an absolutely fantastic application that has saved me countless hours of frightening coding.

Secondly, well done Support team. I know what its like to suffer the slings and arrows but you can rest assured that you do a great job that is rightly appreciated by the majority of ADX users.
Hawkriver Group
Posted 18 Apr, 2006 06:38:26 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Chris, thank you for appriciating our product.
And I'd like to thank to our customers who help us a lot.

Posted 18 Apr, 2006 11:58:52 Top