Office 365 Newswire: Reality of the Cloud and its impact

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Office 365 Newswire: Reality of the Cloud and its impact
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The Cloud is a disruptive technology. For service providers, the Cloud is really messing things up???? it's disrupting the status quo. Today's news deals with the reality of the cloud and its impact:

- Microsoft & Azaleos cloud research: Office 365 reality check
- Study: Office 365 savings stop at enterprise-grade deployments
- Feeling Office 365 squeeze, Microsoft resellers lash out
- Project & Office 365; by the numbers, ready for Metro
- Download: Office 365 for professionals and small businesses Service Description
- Microsoft Office 365 For Dummies
- Migrate your on-premise SharePoint 2010 content to SharePoint Online

Read the newswire to find all the details:
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