Office 365 Newswire: Microsoft “Not Nice”, Greedy, For-Profit, Enterprise?

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Office 365 Newswire: Microsoft “Not Nice”, Greedy, For-Profit, Enterprise?
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We have an extra section today. The topic is the recent Office 365 price reduction. It was inspired by the great XL-Dennis, or more precisely by his thoughtful comment on last week's Office 365 Newswire.

- Microsoft's price cut proves Ballmer is smarter than the equivalent of 5 Steve Jobs
- How Microsoft's NDA policy is hurting the SharePoint community
- Minimal download strategy in SharePoint 2013
- Microsoft Office 365 virtual labs available to you online, plus many more Office 365 resources
- SharePoint Developer Tools in Visual Studio 11 Beta
- ALM in SharePoint Online 2010 in Office 365
- SharePoint menu web part with Metro style using a DVWP

Please read the Newswire to learn all the details:
Office 365 Newswire: Microsoft "Not Nice", Greedy, For-Profit, Enterprise?
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