TopSubpane in Inspector - Controls should not get focus

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TopSubpane in Inspector - Controls should not get focus
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Daniel Ranft

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in my Inspector-TopSubpane are some buttons for changing the behavior of the add-in.
The problem is, that i want the buttons to be like them in the ribbon - they should not get the focus.

Think about typing the recipients, and then clicking one of the buttons. Then you want to type the next recipient, but you have to click into the "To"-Field before.

The Outlook version is 14.0.6123.5001 (64-bit)
The Style-Definition is:

	Inspector_xxxItem = new ADXOlFormsCollectionItem();
	Inspector_xxxItem.InspectorLayout = ADXOlInspectorLayout.TopSubpane;
	Inspector_xxxItem.InspectorItemTypes = ADXOlInspectorItemTypes.olMail;
	Inspector_xxxItem.InspectorMode = ADXOlInspectorMode.Compose;
	Inspector_xxxItem.Splitter = ADXOlSplitterBehavior.None;
	Inspector_xxxItem.IsHiddenStateAllowed = false;
	Inspector_xxxItem.IsMinimizedStateAllowed = false;
	Inspector_xxxItem.UseOfficeThemeForBackground = true;
	Inspector_xxxItem.FormClassName = typeof(Inspector_xxxItem).FullName;
Posted 13 Sep, 2012 06:21:11 Top
Eugene Astafiev


Hi Daniel,

You are on the wrong avenue. For example, I have just created a new VSTO based add-in with an added. Then I built the add-in project in Visual Studio 2010 and ran Outlook 2010. And I get the same results (the focus doesn't come back to the TO field).

If you want to set the focus to the TO field of the Inspector window you need to use some Windows API functions (for example, SetFocus) due to the fact that the Outlook Object Model doesn't provide any property or method for this.
Posted 13 Sep, 2012 07:58:49 Top