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WebViewPane on Outlook Today
How to show WebViewPane on OutlookToday over ButtonClickEvent in OutlookRibbon 
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Mathias Bachul



I have created a project with Visual Studio 2010 with a ADXOLForm as WebViewPane(ExplorerLayout) over the ADXOL-Wizard. But when i test the project the form does not show in "outlook today". How can i show the form in outlook today and how can i show the form over a buttonclickevent in outlook ribbon?

' ADXOlForm1
' TODO: Use the ADXOlForm1Item properties to configure the region's location, appearance and behavior.
' See the "The UI Mechanics" chapter of the Add-in Express Developer's Guide for more information.
ADXOlForm1Item = New ADXOlFormsCollectionItem()
ADXOlForm1Item.ExplorerLayout = ADXOlExplorerLayout.WebViewPane
ADXOlForm1Item.AlwaysShowHeader = True
ADXOlForm1Item.CloseButton = True
ADXOlForm1Item.UseOfficeThemeForBackground = True
ADXOlForm1Item.FormClassName = GetType(ADXOlForm1).FullName

Posted 08 Dec, 2011 02:35:19 Top
Eugene Astafiev


Hi Mathias,

The Developer's Guide states the following:

Specifying the layout is not enough, however. To have instances of the form displayed, you also need to set at least one of the three context-sensitivity properties ??? ExplorerItemTypes, ExplorerMessageClass or

It looks like you didn't set the FolderName or FolderNames properties of the ADXOlFormsCollectionItem class. Am I on the right avenue?
Posted 08 Dec, 2011 05:12:54 Top
Mathias Bachul


Hi Eugene,

thanks for your answer.
Posted 08 Dec, 2011 09:09:57 Top