Can't create an instance...

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Can't create an instance...
Lucas Sanches

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Here's my code:

STDMETHODIMP CConnect::OnStartupComplete (SAFEARRAY ** /*custom*/ )
	return S_OK;

I don't know why, but this stopped work.
The object this->mSecurityManager still NULL, but i don't get any error.
I just got error when I use this object here:

void __stdcall CConnect::OnMailSend(IDispatch *Item, VARIANT_BOOL Cancel)
	this->mSecurityManager->PutDisableOOMWarnings(TRUE); // < ERROR

And so Outlook crashes.

Anyone know how I can fix it?

Posted 16 Sep, 2011 07:32:53 Top
Renat Tlebaldziyeu


Hi Lucas,

Could you please show me the whole code with the mSecurityManager declaration?

Is osmax.ocx registered on the PC?
Please try to register it manually from the following command line:
regsvr32 "[Common files folder]\Outlook Security Manager\osmax.ocx"
Please note that you should have administrative permissions to register COM dlls.
Did it get registered?
Posted 16 Sep, 2011 07:50:13 Top