Compile SecurityManager for standalone application

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Compile SecurityManager for standalone application
Fabian Höger

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currently I am wonderring what could be the best way to compile a standalone app with security manager to fit all systems (win32/office32, win64/office64, win64/office32).

Should I just compile it for AnyCPU and ther will be no problems if I register the seman .dll according to the bitness of Outlook?

Currently the application is installed under "Program Files (x86)". What happens if I only compilefor 32 bit systems? Will there be a problem with x64 Outllook?

Kind regards
Posted 07 Jun, 2011 04:40:23 Top
Eugene Astafiev


Hi Fabian,

Please take a look at the Outlook Security Manager 2010 deployment: Summary article on our technical blog. Is it what you are looking for?
Posted 07 Jun, 2011 05:17:22 Top