How to se correct background colour for option page

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How to se correct background colour for option page
Jimmy Kavanagh

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Joined: 2010-04-27
Can someone please provide Vb.NET code to correctly set the background colour of my option page to match the standard white/light grey? When i look at my option page it is using the standard microsoft Control color.

I could manually change the BackColor to white but if Outlook were to change this in future I would like to match it automatically....
Posted 31 May, 2010 06:07:23 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Jimmy,

The problem is that we don't know exactly which color is used as a back color on Outlook option pages. Moreover, I believe different Outlook versions use different colors. So, I would suggest using a color that is closest to the color of Outlook option pages, e.g. ControlLight.
Posted 01 Jun, 2010 03:38:08 Top