Trouble with onChange event

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Trouble with onChange event
David Sickmiller

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I've configured an onChange event handler with SupportedEvents set to InputFile, InputText, and TextArea (and Document and Form for other reasons). I'm running into two problems, at least in IE9.

First, when onChange is called for an InputText or TextArea element, the eventObject parameter is null. This means my handler cannot query which element changed. I did see in MSDN that there is both a HTMLInputTextElementEvents::onchange event without an event object ( and an HTMLInputTextElementEvents2::onchange event with an event object ( Maybe Add-In Express is binding to the less useful version?

Second, the onChange handler isn't even being called when I change an InputFile element.

Posted 20 Sep, 2011 23:33:00 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi David,

I can't reproduce the issue. What the Url do you use for testing?
Posted 21 Sep, 2011 06:57:47 Top