"Please wait.." while processing the page

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"Please wait.." while processing the page
display a status overlay on the page while page is being scraped after load complete 
Madhu Chinthakunta

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I have an IE add-on with a toolbar and an explorer bar.

After navigating to a page, I scrape the page. This works fine. However, some pages can take 60 seconds + to scrape. I would like to change the display in the IE browser window so that it is greyed out and has an animated icon or some text indicating "Processing...please wait". When the page is done processing, I want to clear it.

How do I achieve this? Do I need to inject javascript? or change the opacity of the page etc.

Posted 24 Jun, 2011 00:57:06 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Madhu,

I am afraid it is not possible to implement using the IE object model. IE has already have the progress bar in the 'Status Bar' window.
However you can try to use Win32 API to repaint the browser window and lock them.
E.g. to lock the window you can use the 'LockWindowUpdate' funciton.
Posted 24 Jun, 2011 05:00:12 Top