Registry keys not being removed after Addin Uninstallation

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Registry keys not being removed after Addin Uninstallation

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I have an IE plugin and it's not uninstalled completely.
Here are the observations:

- When I look at the registry keys under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT I found them even if the addon is uninstalled.
- When I look at the add-ons under IE the toolbar and plugin appear with status "enabled" and as published "not available" (the dlls were signed but the files are not there after uninstallation).
- The directory remains after uninstallation with only one file: adxloader.exe
- The uninstall custom action is: /uninstall="<our_plugin_dll>" /privileges=admin
- I am using latest add-in-express IE distribution.

Posted 22 Jun, 2011 11:54:15 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Hernan,

Did you close IE before the add-in was uninstalled?
Please try to install the add-in again and then uninstall it. Use Task Manager to check if IE hangs in the memory.
Posted 23 Jun, 2011 05:19:14 Top