Add-in Express doesn't catch Yahoo! mail messages

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Add-in Express doesn't catch Yahoo! mail messages
Andrey Yemelyanov

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Joined: 2009-04-21

Yahoo! Mail uses web service requests (soap/ajax) when a user sends an e-mail and it seems like these requests, which include the body of the mail, are not caught by Add-in Express.

Browser extensions/add-ons such as Firebug are successfully able to catch these though.

Have I missed anything, is this something that might come in the future, or is it just not possible?

Thank you!
Posted 09 Jun, 2010 03:19:42 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Andrey.

I am afraid that this part of the functionality you will have to develop yourself. Add-in Express is not designed for any specific web services.
Posted 09 Jun, 2010 08:47:42 Top