Issues with Setup Project

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Issues with Setup Project
Muller Stephan

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I just finished a first alpha version of my AddIn and packaged it in a setup project. That was pretty easy *thumbsup*.

However it does have an issue (#1):
On my test system (Win7 x32 IE 8) I already had the Google toolbar installed. Now my toolbar gets layered next to the toolbar after install (and therefore is amlost invisible):

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(You can see the X and a supersmall portion of my toolbar right to the Google Toolbar).

This *only* happened after the first installation on a fresh system (also under my different test system running windows Vista x32 with IE7). After I hide the Google Toolbar and show it again, the toolbars are stacked correctly (mine under Google, but order doesn't reall matter).

Issue #2:
When I upd ate the toolbar and create a new setup project, the setup gives the message "please uninstall previous versions" (...). Is it possible that the setup would automatically uninstall the old version?

Issue #3:
Is it possible to use (e.g.) InnoSetup instead of the ADX se tup creator? Is all I need to do copy the files in the installdir and run the adxregistrator.exe?

Kind Regards
Posted 27 Apr, 2010 13:40:24 Top
Andrei Smolin

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Hi Stephan,

1. You need to set the Position property of the corresponding ADXIEToolBarItem. This must be done at design-time.
2. See Web-based Deployment and Update in {Add-in Express}\Docs\adxie.pdf. Also see Add-in Express 2010 MSI-based web deployment ClickTwice :); although this post applies to deploying Office add-ins, it is at the same machinery.
3. Yes, you can use any installation software to create an .MSI.

You cannot use XCopy deployment with Office and IE add-ons because the installer must create appropriate entries in the registry. Also, when updating an add-in, the host application must be restarted to get the files of the old add-in version released and the new add-on version loaded.

Regards from Belarus (GMT+2),

Andrei Smolin
Add-in Express Team Leader
Posted 28 Apr, 2010 02:53:34 Top