proper way to cancel IE menuitem ...

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proper way to cancel IE menuitem ...


It works when setting 'e.Cancel=true;' within IEModule_OnBeforeExecute event (when e.CommandId==6) to supress IE main window's 'Print' menuitem functionality. But also found that, doing that, the underlying web page's javascript's windows.print() call is also suppressed!

Why? And, how to just supress IE windows print menuitem, and in the meantime, not to interfere the shown web page's javascript windows.print() functionality under that case?
Posted 15 May, 2015 05:19:12 Top
Andrei Smolin

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Oh, great!

Actually, this is the same command whether you issue it in code or via the commandbar button. You can check if the context differs when you send it from code: check what other commands are given before the Pronit command occurs .

Andrei Smolin
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Posted 15 May, 2015 07:01:40 Top