OnDataAvailable content type always null or empty for IE11

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OnDataAvailable content type always null or empty for IE11
This used to works on 9.0 and 8.6 but it no longer work now for IE11. 
Quoc Quach

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private void IEModule_OnDataAvailable(object sender, ADXIEDataAvailableEventArgs e)
string contentType = String.Empty;
Encoding encoding = GetEncoding(e.Options, e.CodePage);
byte[] contentTypeBytes = e.GetQueryInfo(HTTP_QUERY_CONTENT_TYPE);
if (contentTypeBytes != null)
contentType = encoding.GetString(contentTypeBytes);
Trace.WriteLine("contentType: {0}", contentType);

This block of code used to work for 9.0 and 8.6 but after upgrade to 9.1 it no longer working. The function e.GetQueryInfo(uint) always return null.

This found on IE11 - windows 7, I have not test it on other IE versions.
Posted 11 Jun, 2014 21:10:56 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Quoc,

Please change the code as shown in this example: http://www.add-in-express.com/tmp/googlecustombutton.zip
'GetQueryInfo' still works but not for all urls.
the following page will not be detected:

but this one will work properly:
Posted 12 Jun, 2014 11:55:33 Top