Internet Explorer Anomalies

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Internet Explorer Anomalies
Insights and Warnings; things to look out for when debugging. 
Robert Apostolico


Add-in Express Support,

This post is in no way meant to put Add-In Express for IE in a bad light.

Just some weird things I noticed that should be pointed out to newbies.

1. Injected Source code changes will NOT appear in the "debugger" source, but will appear in the DOM.
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2. Image 2 is same web page, viewed thought the DOM
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3. In both cases, checked the "Console window" were my javascript was running, you can see code was injected
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4. I also inject CSS. BUT NOWHERE in the Source or the DOM can you FIND the CSS.
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5. Image 5, here you can see that a 'flag' I set during the injection was appended as body attribute:
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6. Image 6, here you can see the injected javascript appended below closing </html> tag
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7. Image 7, here you can see the javascript was injected and run (note console window),
BUT the body attribute was somehow not updated?
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So, there are definite inconsistencies in how the source code and the DOM display themselves when debugging.
Sometimes, having the F12-tools debugger open DURING the page refresh/navigate to seems NOT properly reflect the injected javascript and attributes. Sometimes having the F12-tools window CLOSED during the refresh/navigate to will result in a better reflection of what happened to the page. BUT nothing seems to be consistent or guaranteed to reflect exactly what was done behind the scenes.

I feel this is more a problem of IE11 (and other versions) of the JS/HTML debugger.

But people need to be warned about this stuff. Its ugly.
And if they've worked with Chrome's debugger (which is nice and accurate), its a rude awakening.

If you have any additional advice, my eyes and ears are open.

Posted 20 May, 2014 09:04:05 Top
Andrei Smolin

Add-in Express team

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Hello Robert,

Thank you for posting this! Really appreciate.

Unfortunately, programming for IE isn't that comfortable as it could be.

Andrei Smolin
Add-in Express Team Leader
Posted 21 May, 2014 05:43:41 Top