Activation Limit Exceeded

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Activation Limit Exceeded
KyuWoo Choi


As I suffered Registering Plugin on previous machine, I was trying to install on new machine with windows 8.

But this time another problem has popped up while installing. I was trying to install it again and again with changing admin, removing register ...

And "Activation Failed" dialog says "Failed: Activations limit exceeded"

Please how do I do with that?
Posted 24 Jul, 2013 04:05:36 Top
Svetlana Cheusheva

Add-in Express team

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Hi KyuWoo,

We have reset the activation counter for your license key, please try to install now.

During installation please follow these suggestions:

- On Windows 7 - 8 and Windows 2008 Server, set UAC to its default level.

- In Control Panel | System | Advanced | Performance | Settings | Data Execution Prevention, set the "... for essential Windows programs and services only" flag.

- Remove the following registry key, if it exists:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Add-in Express\{product identifier} {version} {package}

- Run setup.exe, not .MSI. If this is applicable, run setup.exe by right clicking it and choosing "Run as administrator" in the context menu.

- Finally, use the Automatic Activation option.
Posted 24 Jul, 2013 05:50:51 Top