The Close Icon really isn't changeable ?

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The Close Icon really isn't changeable ?
I'd like a seamless full-width Toolbar a la the Bing toolbar 
George Kierstein

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I read this post: and it looks like it refers to what I'd like to do - create a seamless full-width toolbar that doesn't have the ugly close toolbar icon so that it looks more seamless.

Is there a way to do this ? How does the Bing Toolbar get away with it ?

Posted 17 Jul, 2013 18:30:15 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi George,

Unfortunately there is not such a possibility in IE object model. Please try to use an advanced Bar instead of the toolbar (see 'ADX IE Advanced Bar' wizard in the 'Add New Item' dialog). You will be able to align the bar to the top side of the web page. And it will look like the standard Find toolbar (Ctrl+F) in IE.
Posted 18 Jul, 2013 04:51:00 Top