Events in C# IE Addons

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Events in C# IE Addons
Brandon Lum

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Joined: 2013-07-05

I am building an IE addon in C# and noticed that unlike VB there isn't an interface to conveniently add IE events.

I noticed the documentation gave the following code snippet...

// add an event handler to the OnSendMessage event
private void IEModule_OnSendMessage(AddinExpress.IE.ADXIESendMessageEventArgs e)

Also, there seems to be event handlers such as AddinExpress.IE.ADXIENavigateComplete2_EventHandler available.

Could someone recommend the best way to create such event handlers in C#? Also for the first, is there a location where we can find all the event names such as (IEModule_OnSendMessage)?

Thank you very much!
Posted 05 Jul, 2013 11:59:46 Top
Andrei Smolin

Add-in Express team

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Hello Brandon,

Please see how they add an event handler at; just two steps.

Andrei Smolin
Add-in Express Team Leader
Posted 08 Jul, 2013 08:27:34 Top
Brandon Lum

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Joined: 2013-07-05
Thanks for the reply Andrei, I found the ADXIEModule interface to be very helpful in providing a list of possible events.

Thanks again!
Posted 08 Jul, 2013 11:27:18 Top