Screenshot for entire scrolled page

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Screenshot for entire scrolled page
Todd Price

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Joined: 2013-06-14
Does anyone know if there is a native Internet Explorer API that can be tapped into from ADX to get a screenshot of the entire scrolled web page? Right now I'm manually scrolling the page up and taking several shots of the visible screen, then stitching them together. It's proving to be quite messy, so I'm wondering if there is a simpler way to do this. Any help would be much appreciated.

EDIT: I've found a few Win32 APIs that can be used to do this, it appears. But they all require a handle to the window you want to get the screenshot from. I've tried the following:

System.IntPtr browser = (System.IntPtr)(this.IEApp as IWebBrowser2).HWND;

But this produces a blank screenshot. Anyone have an alternative?
Posted 14 Jun, 2013 22:57:59 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Todd,

Please try to use 'ADXIEHelper.GetIEServerWindow(this.ParentHandle)'. It returns the browser window of the current tab in IE.
Posted 17 Jun, 2013 10:03:49 Top