Wix .msi installer does not register toolbar

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Wix .msi installer does not register toolbar
Wix .msi installer does not register toolbar 
kostia_lev kostia_lev

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I have ADX IE Module project with ADX IE toolbar. I create msi installwer with use of WIX. It creates two files:
.msi and .exe

But it is possible to install only with use of setup.exe file
as .msi installer DOES NOT install toolbar(specifically does not register toolbar in registry as IE extension)

Now I have to compress them with sfx archive and set setup.exe as autolaunch after decompress. I wonder why .msi does not work as it has shield on install button and call UAC dialog after launch. And how I can fix the issue and to install toolbar with .msi file only?

Thank you!
Posted 07 Jun, 2013 03:14:30 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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MSI doesn't install the toolbar because it is run without elevated privileges. To use .msi only, you need to run the installation via the Command Prompt running 'As Administrator' (msiexe.exe /i "<.msi file>"). I would advise you to use setup.exe + .msi. In this case you will be able to install prerequisites for your toolbar.
Posted 07 Jun, 2013 04:13:20 Top