Two instance of IE bar

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Two instance of IE bar

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I have developed IE add on. I have used only one Custom IE Bar into it. After register the add on when I go to the Manage Add-Ons section Of IE I can see three 3 entries for my add on. One for add on itself and other two are for my custom Bar.

Why I can see 3 entries there?
Also, is it possible to show entry for add on only?

Posted 05 Nov, 2012 05:00:34 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Ravi,

You see the following:
1. Add-on
2. Explorer bar
3. The command bar button that enables/disables the IE bar.

You can disable the button via the 'AddToolButton' property of the IE bar item or just create the explorer bar using the 'ADX IE Bar' New Project wizard. It will create a standalon bar without BHO.
Posted 05 Nov, 2012 05:28:40 Top